About Sam Hindawi & Associates

As a boutique business we sharply focus on our strengths in delivering an assortment of translation and interpretation services to our national and international clients.

We are committed to professionalism

Since the inception of our company, we relied on our professional and experienced skills to help our client effectively pass on their messages and materials between both the Arab and English worlds. We provided to our clients the necessary services to communicate freely with their audience while they focused on what they do best, their expertise and message.

Most of our requests come from repeat clients. Many of them learned with time to rely upon our professional understanding of businesses and organizations in different markets and sectors to understand exactly their needs. We quickly adapt our process to meet their specific needs regardless of complexity and scope. This is the professionalism expected and offered.

At Sam Hindawi & Associates we can provide you with the necessary solutions so that we take a large part of the complexity you have to encounter while conducting your endeavors, business or otherwise.

We focus on competent delivery for every projects

The reliance on professional translation and interpretation services cannot be undone. Our clients tell us that. Since our delivery meets the highest standards possible, we are comfortable in delivering a first-class translation and a 5-stars accurate interpretation in different scenario and cases.

As our world is getting smaller, and our communications are becoming more and more sophisticated, no computer-based algorithm or automatic translation tool can replace a professional, well-executed, and comprehensively reviewed translation. Also, our well-studied approach to language translation allows us to deliver on-time the quality final product anticipated by our clients while often exceeding their expectations.

Definitely, there is no electronic solution that can fully replace an experienced interpreter that has the knowledge and competency to read the situation in the room and those who are involved while providing the best possible interpreted discourse to move the process forward with ease.

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