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Why do you need professional translation services?

Engaging in other languages opens the door to the flow of information and ideas from other cultures to our own and vice versa. It is also one of the significant tools that bring into our modern world the content of our richly recorded human history. As humans, we relate better to each other through meaningful understanding of the ideas we exchange and the knowledge we share.

Understanding the value of authentic, accurate, and clear translations, we at Sam & Associates strive that every text being translated meets strict standards of linguistic excellence. First, every text is carefully examined from the first sentence to the last to understand the comprehensive view of its author. From there, a plan is put together on what research, if any, is needed before the translations process begins. Once the research is carefully completed, the translation is started keeping in mind the above two elements. Once the translation is completed, thorough review process is carried out to output a text that is harmonious, eloquent, and accurate.

Every document is reviewed for best results

Why should you use our translation services?

Our expert translators have strong command over the languages they translate. They also hold deep understanding of the cultures, literature, and history that represent the context of those languages. Such  elements of human intellectual endeavors are critically needed for a translator that can generate the right final text to reach your audience effectively.

Interpretation Services We Offer

Document translation Services

Obtaining the correct translation for all your documents whether legal, medical, academic, environmental, political, literary, or otherwise is what we do. In consultation with you, the right parameters and standards in language and style will be applied professional and accurately.

Business translation Services

Organizations large and small that employ the services of professional translators and experienced interpreters, are usually able to deliver the right message to their clients. This protects their brands, enhances their influence, and expands their market share.

Marketing translation Services

To operate internationally requires having accurate and professional translation to be carried out as an essential component of your marketing strategy. We will help you find the exact precise translated language that can attract the audience you intend to engage.

Technical translation Services

Meeting your deadlines, we will deliver top-notch translation for all your technical documents. With decades of experience in the technical fields, you can certainly rely on the professional experience of our translators to assist you in reaching the audience of your target language.

Transcreation translation Services

Also known as creative translation, our professional translators can help you find the right and suitable translation for your content. They do this through customizing the content being translated to adapt to your target audience which may require a different style or phrasing altogether.

Research translation Services

Our professional translators and experienced interpreters can generate the accurate translated content for all your market surveys, focus groups, social media listening, interviews, test materials, etc. Such research can provide the correct intelligence to help you allocate your human and financial resources.

What is involved in the translation process?

It recalled that Emperor Charlemagne once said “to have another language is to possess a second soul”. Language itself is a system of words and symbols spoken, written, or signed. Its main purpose is to communicate ideas and meaning.

It follows then that the translation process itself is conducted by individuals who have extensive knowledge of both the source and target languages. They need to be experienced in the areas of syntax, semantics, pragmatics, morphology, orthography, and phonology for each of the language they offer:


Syntax means the arrangement of words in sentences, clauses, and phrases, and the study of the formation of sentences and the relationship of their component parts. This includes the use of correct word order and organization.


This is the area that concerns itself with the rules of meaning and content of words. Here a strong command of synonyms, antonyms, multiple meaning words and figurative languages becomes critical for strong semantic skills. The relationship between words and even phrases and sentences is necessary. Translation of the whole is more important than merely translating the individual meaning of words. Semantics is the way a language conveys meaning.


This is where the translator needs to have deep understanding of the social aspects of the source and target languages. Pragmatics pay attention to the day-to-day social skills of interaction. Here body language, facial expressions, gestures, communication intent, and topic maintenance. It means knowing what to say, when to say it, and how to say it. This area is more important in areas of interpretations.


Is the study of structure and construction of words. It is the aspect of language that deals with rules that change word meaning such as roots, prefixes, and affixes. Morphology is the study of the smallest meaningful units in speech and writing.


The set of conventions for writing a language including spelling, hyphenations, capitalizations, word breaking, emphasis and punctuation.


This is where the translator is concerned with how languages or dialects systematically organize their sounds. This is where we are told what sounds are in a language, how they do and can combine into words. This is different from phonetics which deals with the physical production and acoustic transmission of sound.

To have another language is to possess a second soul

Our Promise

Our clients can rely on the deep understanding and appreciation of languages offered by our team of translators. This trust is protected by the detailed and comprehensive attention each translation, written or oral, receives. Having a second soul demands a disciplined practice to cultivate it.